HOW TO SAMPLE WHAT PBA HAS TO OFFER...better posture, fewer injuries, toned muscles, core strength, flexibity, equanimity, more energy, stress management, less back/ shoulder/neck/knee/hip pain.

TASTER  DEAL £17.50 for 2 Structural Fitness classes in 2 consecutive weeks. If you then decide to join up, please pay at the end of Taster No 2 for your first course with us.

For the Autumn Term 2018 running between 1 Oct and 9 Dec there are 2 Taster class slots each week for PBA Progressive Structural Fitness Course Classes (posture, alignment, corrective stretch and conditioning leading on to more advanced material) and one drop-in open class for our PILATES DASH, still Pilates but the aerobics fitness version (a fast, body balancing, metabolism boosting class using carefully selected material from the full PBA syllabus)  £10 on the door (£5 members of PBA Courses).


STRUCTURAL FITNESS  Complete Beginners Level 1 Course and Tasters (new to Pilates) Saturdays 2-3pm...improvised kit acceptable*.

STRUCTURAL FITNESS  Improvers Level 2 Course and Tasters (new to PBA but not new to Pilates) Wednesdays 6.30 - 7.30pm...full yoga kit essential*.

TO BOOK Please contact us 72hrs in advance emailing info@pilatesbodyawareness 
Or TEXT your name plus the word TASTER and your chosen day/date to 07881 494212 giving us time to confirm and give the go-ahead for you to pay by PayPal.
Thank you and Welcome to PBA. See below for the £17.50 PayPal button.

Kit Essentials

Kit*Full yoga kit...mat/strap/brick...plus hand towel

*Improvised kit...large towel, long scarf, book 2.5 " thick (we suggest you use a multiple of paperback books bound together to acquire this thickness) and a hand towel.





AEROBIC FITNESS The Pilates Dash...suitable for people wishing to augment and expand their current training programme with material from Pilates knowledge and expertise...drop-in open class Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm. £10 on the door (£5 members of PBA Courses).

Please bring a long scarf with you for the stretches. Drop-in open class mats are available from reception on the first floor. This class is held in the Lounge Studio on the ground floor...don't get lost now! Welcome.

This class is brilliant for post-injury rehabilitation, once the physiotherapy programme has been completed, and for all wide awake athletes and dancers aware of tension/flacidity in muscle groups not performing as well as desired.Teaching is quick fire and robust. 

For the alternative entry into the delights of Pilates movement please try one of our other 2 Entry Level/Taster classes.These will give you more time to assimilate ideas and technique and are a steady, stealthy progression towards achieving more than ever anticipated.

COURSE  PRICES post Taster.

Level 1 Beginners. First 10 weeks

If paying in class at the end of the Taster Deal, £120 cash (sorry this venue does not have facilities to process credit/debit cards but you could do payment using your mobile and on line banking if done just before the end of class so the transaction confirmation can be shown there and then to Chris)

Otherwise a £140. Pay Pal button is available online for payment by credit/debit cards

Second payment. This is a balancing fee, if necessary to bring you into line with the 4 terms of 10 weeks each year. Your first course of 10 might cross the terms or might be perfectly in line with the term.

Your second full term with PBA. If you are keen enough to pay early, Wk 7 of the existing term, then PBA gives you a £20 discount. Pay only £120. The following week it returns to the full price of £140. All fees must be in by Wk 8 for the following term. Thank you.

Payment for your third term is by Standing Order Mandate (SOM) to save time in the higher level classes. This needs to be set up according to a strictly controlled schedule so that payment reaches PBA a term in advance ...to be continued...

To read on, please now go to the MEMBERS Page and refer to 'PBA Terms of Trade and Conditions of Sale to the Public.' 

Please see PRICES for prices at Levels 2-5 

Your Privacy and Data Protection. PBA takes the protection of your data seriously. Your email is used only for the purposes of administration, and to provide the termly Newsletter.  Should you wish to opt-out of this arrangement please inform the school at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We do not share your data with any other party. We do not retain your email if you cease to be a student.

Booking a Taster class £17.50

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Class Payment £17.50

Booking an Inaugural Course

First Name(*)
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Course Payment 140.00



Available to all students having completed 7 weeks of tuition. For as long as you are a member of PBA, you may use our 'swap-in scheme' to cover holidays, illness, family commitments etc. 'Catching up' might mean attending more than 1 class per week for a couple of weeks, at your convenience (time limit one year). That's fine by us. ENJOY! Please note PBA does not give refunds. We have our ‘Swap-In Scheme’ and when appropriate will issue a credit note.


Greetings. If in London for a few weeks or just visiting for a short period and keen to keep up your practice, PBA has 2 classes covering the basics taught in a disciplined and effective manner open to the public, Wednesday 6.30 pm and Sat 2 pm at The Academy Mews Dance Studios, see VENUES. Please check term dates and what to bring with you and if there is still any thing else you need to know please contact teacher Chris Hocking directly on 07881 494212. Please pay in advance using the 'Taster Class' Pay Pal booking form.

Normally we allocate only 2 'Tasters' per a potential new recruit but for a small joining fee of £5 per month you may do as many "Tasters" as you wish during your stay in London. All students in the PBA basic level classes are fully integrated into class activity. Please book all further classes, as you require them, in advance using Pay Pal.

Alternatively, if you wish to attend only the 3pm class on Saturdays, and this is for everyone whether short term resident e.g. here for a work placement or long term London resident but out of town 50% of the time, or with main residence outside M25, you might consider purchasing a 'PBA Loyalty Card' of 10 term time 3pm Saturday classes for £160, valid for 6 months. For added flexibility there is the option to add the 3pm Sat. Higher Intermediate class for £170. For additional flexibility, to attend either the 6.30pm Wed Stretch or 6.30pm Thurs Intermediate class or both, the fee is £180. In order to attend the 6.30 Mon. Advanced Class the fee is £200. These provisions exclude Special Status classes such as Extensions, Intensives, and Advanced Saturday morning classes. which are charged at the regular Non PBA member rate of £22.50 and £52.50.

In any 6 months we offer 2 terms of 10 weeks, 20 weeks of tuition. Please discuss this with teacher Chris Hocking. 

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