Helpful updates for members of PBA Levels 2-5: Download the 2018 School Information Sheet here.
In Section 1 you will find the when, where and prices for all our PBA Extras Pilates Days, Extension Classes (holiday training), Intensives (5 hours in 2 days set around the normal working week) and Sunday Morning Workshops.
In Section 2 you will find our learning aids.
In Section 3 you will find the nuts and bolts that hold the school together i.e. the PBA School Contract, something that protects good management practices, reliability, studio hire and financial security. In this section, you will find guidance for students at all levels on fees and payment methods and in Section 4, how to resign correctly for students at all levels. Correct resignation, when/should you need to, is essential. Without protocol and when it comes to the withdrawal of your funds from the school income, a lot of hurt could be generated. Please stick to protocol and use the deadlines correctly. Thank you.


We do regard these as a substantial part of our identity, as a school of Pilates tuition. The longer 2 hr classes, full body warm-up followed by an appropriate theme, enable Chris to deliver a range of Pilates remedial and advanced training techniques to enhance the progress made in the weekly 1hr Pilates classes. They are fabulous and we all love them.


An extra 2 weeks optional tuition each year. 1.5 hour vacation classes offer in depth tuition to enhance and augment training received during the term. These longer classes have themes but all start with a full and balanced warm-up. To book and pay in advance, put the booking fee of £17.50 in an envelope marked with your name and the date and title of the class you wish to attend. 


Spring Break 2018 We offer the following time-table:

Mon 19 Mar  7 - 9 pm  Handstands and Extreme Backbends
Thurs 22 Mar 7 - 9 pm    Pilates on a Chair plus Super Abs.
Sat pm 24 Mar 3.30 - 5.30 pm  Pilates Stretches on the Barre.

Winter Break 2018 We offer the following time-table:

Mon 10 Dec 7 - 9 pm  Classical Movement Sequences
Thurs 13 Dec 7 - 9 pm  The PBA Foot Class
Sat 15 Dec 3.30 - 5.30 pm  Pre-Xmas Deep Relaxation and Mobility Techniques

All classes cost £17.50. To book, please place £17.50, correct money, in an envelope marked with your name and the title of the event and hand this in at the beginning of class by placing the envelope on the piano. Thank you. 


There is one stand alone, metabolism boosting 'Morning Workshop' in 2018, 'The Bikini Workout', Saturday 17th. Feb. 10 - 11.30am,  £15.00, see above for how to book and pay. Three more 'Morning Workshops' are scheduled as component classes of our 2-day 'Weekend Intensives'.


The 2-day 'Intensives' (open to all levels) take place on Saturdays 10am -11.30 and Sundays  10 - 2 pm. (with half hour break)  Saturday unit costs £17.50, and Sunday unit costs £47.50. See above for how to book and pay and you may do one or both units. Each 'Intensive' has a theme, but all component classes start with a full and balanced warm-up. 

Dates for 2018 are: 

No 1. Apr 28, 29    Sport, Dance and Pilates: Keeping the body safe

No 2. Jun 9, 10   Yoga and Pilates: Shared roots, divergent approaches

No 3. Sep 16, 17  Breathing for Athletes and Dancers: Conditioning the rib-cage     

There are 3 BANK HOLIDAY Saturday AFTERNOONS and MONDAYS in 2018 to be replaced: May 5 and 7, May 26 and 28 and Aug 25 and 27. Tuition is extended on the 3 Mondays following to replace lost tuition.


Saturdays, 10 - 11 am as part of Level 5 training. We set up 2 per month. Guests, £17.50 PBA Level 4 and £22 non-members with accredited teaching qualifications. As a non-member you may book and pay online. 

Dates 2018: Jan 13 or 20, Feb 3 or 10, Mar 3 or 10, Apr 14 or 21, May 12 or 19, Jun 2 or 16, Jul 14 or 21, Aug 4 or 11, Sep 1 or 15, Oct 6 or 13, Nov 3 or 10, Dec 1 or 8

Please book and pay in class using an envelope for cash.

PILATES DAYS 2018: We have 4 Saturdays in 2018. £47.50, 10am – 2pm.  Lunch in one of the lovely local restaurants is an optional extra. Please book and pay in class using an envelope for cash. 

Urgent update Pilates Day 2018

The pre-term Pilates day for the 6th. of January 2018 has been relocated. The new venue is: Studio 2, Clerkenwellbeing Chiropractic, 178, Goswell Road, London EC1V 7DT. 

See VENUES for further information

Dates: No. 1 Sat 6th January    No. 2 Sat 7th April    No. 3 Sat 7th July    No. 4 Sat 29th September


LEVEL 1 BOOKLET £17.50. Essential reading for a new PBA student. Please purchase in class as soon as possible. Teachers' Notes 1-10 priced £10 in class. Please supply an A4 envelope with 2 first class stamps and your name and address on the outside as soon as you have completed your first 10 weeks with PBA. We'll post these to you. Together with the Level 1 Booklet these form a good introduction to the way we teach the Pilates technique.


Teachers Notes 11 Joseph Pilates - His Influence and Influences  Download

Teachers Notes 12 Glossary Pt. 1 Download

Teachers Notes 13 - 14 Glossary Pt. 2 Download

PBA Syllabus Download  

LEVEL 2 DVD. 2007 Class and an introduction to the fascinating history of the Old Finsbury Town Hall.  

2007 Class DVD

Chris Hocking teaching at Urdang Academy, London. View excerpts here



Our 1 hour Taster Classes, 4 each term-time week, £17.50, are held on Mondays 6 - 7 pm, Thursdays 7.30 - 8.30 pm, and Saturday mornings 11.30 -12.30,  £17.50 paid by Pay Pal in advance plus INAUGURAL COURSE of 10 term time weeks, 10 ×1hr Pilates classes, £115 cash (£97.50 cash if paid at the end of the Taster) As we are open to new students all year, many of our Level 1 students will be out of line with our 4 terms of 10 weeks when they start. Part way into the Inaugural, Chris will ask for balancing fee to complete payment for the current term. Payment is expected within 2 weeks. Please use a named envelope for all cash payment and hand it at the beginning if class. If you decide not to continue after your first 10 weeks, please send a resignation text to Chris on 07881 494212 to cancel further payment. This must be done at least one day before next class, not in class. Without the resignation text you will be expected to submit further fees.

Once Level 1 students are in line with the current term, fees are simpler. Payment for next term is £115 if paid Wk7 of term but the full fee of £132.50 if paid Wk8. If you decide against paying further fees to PBA please ensure your resignation text reaches Chris on 07881 494212 no later than 5pm Monday Wk7 of term.

The final stage is to set up the Standing Order Mandate (SOM) to pay for the term after next. Chris will set this up with you in class.
 Fees at Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 are collected electronically a quarter in advance to give financial stability to the school, a requisite if PBA is to survive and continue offering tuition.


Fees are paid one full quarter in advance of the quarter in which the next term falls. As a new student, please take a look at the following schedule. You'll see how the SOM works:

PAYMENT by Standing Order Mandate is activated at 00.01 on:

1st October for Term No1, 10 weeks, the Winter term, Jan, Feb and March.

1st January for Term No2, 10 weeks, the Spring term, April May and June.

1st April for Term No3, 10 weeks, the Summer term, July, August and Sept.

1st July for Term No4, 10 weeks, the Autumn term, Oct, Nov and Dec.

1st October for Term No1 and so on.

Payment is usually made by the term, often referred to as payment by the quarter, £132.50 for Levels 2 - 4 and £140.00 for Level 5, but arrangements can be made to pay by the month for the first 6 months as a Level 2 student. Please discuss this with Chris. A few students prefer to pay by the year, paying the £520 before 1st October for the following year. Students wishing to upgrade to 2 classes a week receive a £30 discount on their fees.

For clarification here is an example:

Student Z starts an Inaugural Course of 10 weeks, Wk7 of the PBA term. Happy to continue beyond Inaugural, Z pays Wk2/3 the balance of 4×£11.50 =£46 to complete the fee for the current term. This brings Z into line with the PBA term. Z then pays £115 Wk7 of the current term for the next PBA term, saving £17.50, and having read and assimilated the PBA 'Terms of Trade ' is happy to complete the Standing Order Mandate for the term after next. Z, who has been in possession of the 'Level 1 Booklet' since Wk9 of last term also hands in the envelope Wk7 of the current term along with the fees, also in an envelope together with the SOM. Z is now set up as a new member of PBA. ENJOY!

Many good things are about to come your way.

Please note all cash payments made in class must be submitted in an envelope clearly marked with your name and content i.e. amount and what it is for.

PBA does not give refunds. We encourage the Swap-In Scheme (available after 10 weeks attendance) and under certain circumstances can give a credit note. 


STUDENTS AT LEVEL 1. Please see the notes in SECTION 3 PAYMENT. The correct resignation procedure is outlined in this section.
 LEVEL 2 STUDENTS PAYING BY THE MONTH. Please pay all 3 parts of the quarterly fee before submitting a resignation. Failure to do this will constitute breach of contract. There are only 4 resignation deadlines not 12.

STUDENTS AT LEVELS 2, 3, 4 & 5 For your convenience resignation deadlines coincide with payment deadlines. However, failure to communicate a resignation by the deadline once payment has been cancelled does constitute a breach of the PBA 'Terms of Trade', the 'School Contract', and civil law. Without a resignation in place by the deadline, you will have failed to terminate your contract with PBA and you will still be liable for the fees. To place a resignation by the deadlines of 00.01 on 1st Oct for Term 1, 1st Jan for Term 2, 1st Apr for Term 3 and 1st Jul for Term 4, 
please text Chris on 07881 4942121.

Resignation should be sent by a text laid out as described in the School Contract and on line ...never in the studio, pre or post class, nor in the venue, nor in the street either en route to class nor as a casual encounter. Please do this as requested as it is the kindest and most considerate method.

You will receive a reminder from PBA that a resignation deadline is coming up. When submitting this text please confirm that you have cancelled the SOM. Our intervention is not lawful and is not accepted by the banks. The 2-part resignation is in your hands and is your responsibility.
 Reminder: PBA does not give refunds, only credit notes.

  • INJURY OR SERIOUS ILLNESS Minor injury is covered by our 'swap-in scheme'. They should be reported by text to 07881 494212 to Chris no later than 4hrs before class starts. For serious conditions we ask for a doctor's assessment with a view to offering a payment holiday of 6 months
  • PREGNANCY In many cases women are happy to stay in class up to and including the 7th month and we are happy to include them modifying the exercises as necessary. We feel a payment holiday of 9 months is appropriate, covering 2 months before the birth and 7 months afterwards


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