These classes offer a rare opportunity to participate in the original choreography of Joseph Pilates. The Classical Matwork Sequence evolved in New York in the 1930's-1950's, 36 tough but intriguing movement sequences. Joseph Pilates was doing a lot of work with New York dancers at the time and these sequences have the gorgeousness of dance movements but never stray from the goal of corrective body work. When versed in the anatomy and bio-mechanics of human movement, one can only wonder at the brilliance of his original material. Break it down, teach the essence as a starter exercise, build up from there but never dilute the message. This sequence is a must for all Pilates teachers and "an inspiration to us all." Chris Hocking April 2016.

Classical classes are offered to Level 5  students as part of their on-going Pilates training, to suitable guests from PBA Level 4 (£17.50 pay in class) and to Pilates teachers from other Pilates studios with Advanced Pilates Teaching qualifications. (please text 07881 494212 to book and pay £22 in advance using Pay Pal, see below). 

Please note these classes must be booked in advance no later than the 2nd Classical class of the previous month and that should a pre-booked class be missed it cannot be carried over to the next month free of charge. One must always pay the full amount for class to make a booking. The swap-in scheme may be used to make up this loss instead as is standard in the school. If dropping a month, please pay for the next but one instead.

The American Musical Theate School, see VENUES. 10 - 11 am, 2 term-time Saturdays each month. See JOINING for what to bring with you. We do not have communal mats etc. You'll need to bring your own. Thank you.


2 per month. £17.50, PBA Level 4. £22 non-members of PBA with recognized qualification to teach Pilates. 

Minimum attendance for membership of the group, 10 monthly sessions per year. 


Jan 13 or 20, Feb 3 or 10, Mar 3 or 10, Apr 14 or 21, May 12 or 19, Jun 2 or 16, Jul 14 or 21, Aug 4 or 11, Sep 1 or 15, Oct 6 or 13, Nov 3 or 10, Dec 1 or 8.


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