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Skillfully structured graded Matwork classes from Beginners to Advanced for well being, strength, flexibility, agility, a healthy spine, better posture and more
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Skillfully structured graded Matwork classes from Beginners to Advanced for well-being, strength, flexibility, agility, a healthy spine, better posture and more
 energy. Affordable group tuition & progression through well structured levels, evenings and Saturdays in Central London EC1 with one of the UK's first and finest Pilates teachers.

PBA, an enduring ever-evolving school of Pilates Matwork established in 1987 by Chris Hocking, offers a high quality service, safe, thorough, effective tuition and good value for money. £17.50 for a 1hr Taster Class (see Offers) and £115 for a flexible starter course of 10 weeks. .



Swap - in arrangements for missed classes

As only 2 classes, the Thursday ones had to be cancelled, members should start to use swap-in as from tomorrow, Saturday, to make up for the lost tuition. We are downstairs in the large studio, No 1, on Saturdays.There will be plenty of space for swap-in students. Welcome. Classes for swap-in run 11.30am Basics, 3.25pm Lower Intermediate and 4.25pm Higher Intermediate. You will have access to your mats.

The 10am Level 5 class is Classical this week and not open to swap-in, nor next week but the week after is possible if you have been in Level 3 for at least 2 years. Please ask in class about this.

Now Booking Extension Classes

This bookable group of classes are running Monday 19th., Thursday 22nd. and Saturday 24th March. See MEMBERS page for details


These Intensives are held over 2 days with a Saturday component of 1 and a half hours (10-11.30am at the American Musical Theatre Academy studio 1) and a Sunday component of 4 hours. (10-2pm at Diorama Arts, see VENUES) The first for 2018 is to run 28 - 29th. April, with the theme: Sport, Dance and Pilates: Keeping the body safe 

This thorough and in-depth programme is available to PBA members for a total cost of £60. See MEMBERS page for further details and enrollment. 

These Intensives are further open to Teachers of Pilates, Yoga or Dance who meet the qualification requirements (Saturday component £22.50, Sunday component £52.50, special combined price of £70) Welcome to PBA.  Please see CLASSICAL page for further details and enrollment.


Congratulations to PBA and all who have made this possible
Launched in 1987, Pilates Body Awareness is 30 in September 2017. It was the very first Matwork system of Pilates classes to establish itself in London.

We are a mixture of all ages and backgrounds, some have been with the school since the beginning and some have only just joined us. We are all here to at least maintain if not better our health. We are nurtured by enjoyable graded classes, Levels 1-5, and leave taller, lighter, brighter, more relaxed, muscle balance restored and tension reduced. Founder teacher Chris Hocking's pledge to her students has always been to teach group Matwork classes to the same standard as her impressive training in the early UK Pilates studios, the same attention to detail, application of corrective and remedial material, anatomical insight and a broad, progressive, forever fascinating range of effective body-sculpting material. PBA has much to offer to the new student estranged from exercise and looking for considered tuition, and to a more experienced student looking for an expert in the field and progression into authentic, advanced, Pilates body-work.

See JOINING for what to bring with you to class... and also 'Pilates Body Awareness' on Google Maps for photographs of kit and reviews.



  • Lent Event 2018

    Lamp for Lent Event 2018

    Lent Event 2018

    This year I have been moved to donate £80 worth of groceries for the Trussell Trust's Haringey's food bank Lent Appeal.  Our PBA shopping trolley especially reflects our concern for women living in extreme poverty with its shampoo, soap and items of feminine hygiene.

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  • Joseph Pilates Matwork


    Joseph Pilates Original Exercises!

    The original matwork sequence for everyman and woman pre-dating and then evolving, circa 1930s, 40s and 50s, alongside Joseph Pilates' teaching for invalids and injured athletes/dancers using the innovative equipment in his first movement therapy studios.

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  • Pilates Practice Backbends


    How to get the most out of your Pilates Practice: Backbends
    by Chris Hocking, November 2016

    Announce in class that we are working up to backbends and a discernible groan is released even in the advanced groups. Good Pilates students also find backbends tough because of the ills of the sedentary life style... but at least they are doing something about it and benefiting from correct practice.

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